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About Us

Pisani has been a household name in the Stone Industry since 1938 in the UK and late 19th century in Italy and USA.


It’s main operation is the wholesaling of products to the Marble & Granite Industry, , hard landscaping and major stone supply management.


In 1830 Pisani was a trading company whose interest in marble was initiated by the need to load blocks of marble as ballast for lighter cargoes on ships transporting goods to a variety of destinations. It was soon discovered that this ballast was a valuable commodity in its own right and therefore the trading of marble became the principal activity of the company in the early 20th century.


Since 1996 the business has expanded considerably with the aim of maintaining its position as the leading service provider to the natural stone industry in the UK and Ireland. Strategic alliances have been developed at home and abroad to take advantage of specific opportunities that have excellent potential for growth.

In 1999 Pisani acquired Fyfe Glenrock, which had evolved from the former natural stone subsidiary of John Fyfe Ltd, a business which had been involved in granite quarrying and production operations since 1846.